Greedy Souls Skate Club

Meet @A_Steez a creative from Queens, NY who has internationally left an unforgettable imprint by uplifting and influencing kids (and adults) through her creative enterprises. This past year and prior she has transformed a space (Esquina de Abuela) for her community to showcase their energetic pieces of art during Art Basel Miami. All with zero budget and support from the people whom she is always uplifting.

She spends her time skating in New York with the youth at an after school program. She is giving guidance and support to those who need it while growing up. In addition, she founded an organization, Greedysoulsskateclub (Gssc) in Ecuador that involves kids who skate. She will be sponsoring a girl skater on her way to Olympics representing Colombia 2020. Shoutout to women like @A_Steez for always uplifting and bringing that energy back home to New York. She consistently aims to Inspire the Future.

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