Post Malone’s Acting Debut, Parasite’s Huge Win and More

This weekend proved to be a huge win for movies as Netflix’s new Spenser Confidential trailer dropped and Parasite won big at the SAG awards.

Spenser Confidential features Mark Wahlberg, Winston Duke, Post Malone, Marc Maron, and Alan Arkin in this new buddy comedy. This marks Netflix’s first delve into action-comedy.

Save for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, this is Post Malone’s acting debut. Is anyone planning on checking this out?

In other news, Parasite took home the highest honors at the SAG awards, nabbing Best Cast in a Motion Picture. Many noted that since the same voters will be casting their votes in the Oscars, Parasite has a good chance there too.

Finally, Shia LaBeouf announced he is writing a biographical feature length script, Minor Modifications, about Kevin Abstract, rapper and founder of Brockhampton. The script is reportedly out on the Blacklist for all to read.

What are your thoughts? What will you be tuning in for? Let us know at #frank151.

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