GoldLink Teases Next Album With New Single “Zulu Screams”

GoldLink just released a new single titled “Zulu Screams” and it serves as the first track giving direction to the sound for his next studio album. The single features guest contributions from producer Maleek Berry and talented singer-songwriter Bibi Bourelly.

In an exclusive Beats 1 interview, GoldLink told Zane Lowe, “It was actually the first song that I did for the upcoming album…And we knew it was special right away. We wanted to make sure like, ‘Who was the perfect person that we got?’ to take it to the next level and we were like, ‘Let’s try Maleek,’ and then Maleek was super down and he killed it, took it to another level.”

Opening up about the direction of his next album, GoldLink said, “I wouldn’t say it’s entirely what the whole kind of sonic of it is, but it’s a good intro for like a whole world building thing that I’m trying to like introduce. You know, after I kind of did my love letter to D.C. Kind of thing, I wanted to figure out what was the pulse, why I love my city so much and I think the answer wasn’t directly in the city. I think it was more so directly somewhere else. I’ve never had as much fun making a record because I think that I went about it … Like I never went to another place outside of D.C. to make a record. I’ve never garnered a group of guys and kind of made something cohesive with just, you know, a group of guys. I normally have like, this person, that person, this or that person. But now this time I have like a central group of guys and then you kind of add people around it. That alone, that made the experience like a little more fun.”

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