Giving Champion Sounds by Jaylib Some Flowers for Its Birthday

Madlib…and J Deezy 

Doin’ it like we doing it for TV

– “The Official” by Jaylib

Album cover for Champion Sound

Champion Sound came out today in 2003. Its release initiated by Madlib messing around on some unused J Dilla instrumentals, let’s take a moment to thank whoever was responsible for the leaks and bootlegs that put pressure on the release of Jaylib’s classic debut. Providing beats for eachother’s rhymes, the pair recorded the album in two cities with Madlib in Oxnard, California and the late Dilla in Detroit, Michigan. Beyond the superficial accolades, the projects deserves its flowers by virtue of being a complete work, taking the listener on a journey from beginning to end with no skippable tracks. 

The first night Madlib & J Dilla performed together. Image courtesy of Stones Throw Records.

With each on the other end of the teeter-totter, the emcee spotlight oscillates between the two as the debaucherous album proceeds. Lyrically, it won’t blow your mind, but it’s an easy listen coming in at under an hour of listening time with bass-heavy production that respectfully demands some head bobbin’. Special shoutouts to “McNasty Filth” for being a hard hitter, to “The Heist” for the brilliant Rory Gamble’s animated music video, and “The Official,” which goes without saying.

A still from “The Heist” music video

Also, if anyone would like to gift the first pressing that has the bonus tracks and “The Red” with the Cris Williamson sample, hit your girl up.

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