Fresh, Fly, and Fabulous: 50 Years of Hip Hop Style at FIT


The Museum at FIT opened its great glass doors to some legendary and inner fan girl-worthy names, to celebrate 50 years of fresh, fly, and fabulous hip-hop style. Big names in the game such as April Walker, Misa Hylton, Ralph McDaniels, and Dapper Dan graced the building.

The building was vibrating with all the great hip-hop classics being played by Tony Touch and Peter Paul. I may or may not have had a little of the bubbly that was being passed around to ease into the fact that my brain kept saying “holy shit, I’m really in this room right now, with my FRANK phone and heavy ass telfar bag” every time a recognizable face walked by me.

The cute small-talk-filled party was held upstairs. The good stuff, the main attraction, the entrée of the night was hiding downstairs and boy was it filling. Soon as I got downstairs it felt like the exhibit was teasing me. It gave people a little taste of style and fashion before making their way through the double doors that introduced a room holding pure greatness, our beautiful culture, and nostalgic pieces that brought me back to the late 90s and early 2000s (considering I’m a ’93 baby).

Depending on which door you entered from, you’re either greeted by the iconic Tommy Hilfiger outfits Snoop Dogg and Aaliyah had once worn or jewelry rocked by legends in the game. But the one thing that your eyes follow like statues being viewed in Rome is all the iconic and legendary (feels like I can’t say it enough, might end up sounding like RuPaul by the number of times ill drop “legendary” and “iconic”) pieces on mannequins that are standing on scaffolding. Soon as I saw the TLC/Cross Colours setup, it was hard to hold back the inner “ouu ouu!” that was happening mentally from becoming a verbal thing. It became extremely difficult to keep that voice under control as I eased my way into the exhibit.

By the time I got to the Misa Hylton and Beyonce corset, I couldn’t hold it in anymore. At one point even the security guards noticed how excited I was. Let me just say, witnessing a Telfar bag in an exhibit was ICONIC, LEGENDARY, 10’S 10’S 10’S ACROSS THE BOARD.


The room was surrounded by beautiful pieces like the custom gold Moschino gown worn by Megan The Stallion, the famous Young Thug dress, a timeless Phat Farm matching dark denim set, and of course custom pieces made by the genius and creative mind and hands of Dapper Dan. If you’re wondering what it’s like when that man enters the room, just imagine the red sea parting and camera flashes swimming toward him.

Every time I tried to make my way back upstairs for some air someone or something kept getting my eye’s attention. The room had an energetic pull that night. I let my inner fangirl finally breathe when from the corner of my eyes I see someone in a cute fuzzy red coat taking pictures and I overhear her say “take a picture of me in front of my set” and “I just came from work.” My head followed those words and traced them back to Jenny Bui, THE nail art GAWDESS of NYC. Her iconic nail set, once done for Cardi B is on full display and it’s giving.



Of course, FRANK lent their hands when it came to the after party, giving back to the thing we love was a no brainier.

Shout out to FRANK’s own jefe for making the wall and being part of the executive committee. Thanks, FIT and Elena Romero for inviting FRANK. Shout out to Lee x The Hundreds for giving away some dope jean jackets at the reception. The Museum at FIT will have the exhibit open till April 23.


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