Freeski Style God Phil Casabon Is Back In His Latest Edit “B-Dog – Casablunted”

Step into the world of creativity and precision with Phil Casabon’s newest freestyle ski edit, ‘B-Dog – Casablunted’. Known for pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on skis, Casabon, affectionately called B-Dog by fans, showcases his unique style and unmatched skill in this mesmerizing footage. From gravity-defying jumps to seamless rail slides, each frame captures the essence of his artistry and passion for the sport. Join us as we delve into the exhilarating world of freestyle skiing through the lens of one of its most innovative athletes, Phil Casabon.

Skiing – B-Dog Music – Jessee Pépin Filming – Alexandre Casabon, Raph Sévigny, Brady Perron, Émile Bergeron, Emil Granöo

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