FRANK151 x Mouraine Interview: Discussion on new album ‘In Search Of Gold’ released TODAY May 5th

Edmonton, Canada-based rapper Mouraine just released his long-awaited new album In Search Of Gold. What makes this album a treasure to be found and a must-hear is its relatable songs for almost every part of life. From pursuing your dreams (“Gold”) to being in a relationship (“Sick of Your Love”) to feeling like the big dog or underdog (“Big Dawg” featuring Westside Boogie), there’s something for everyone and with Mouraine’s alluring voice & lyrics to every fun & catchy beat, there’s no denying that his new album inspires us all to live the best version of ourselves. 
Mouraine stated, “There comes a time in every artist’s career to pursue their unimaginable creativity, to find themselves and their sound. In Search of Gold is metaphorically a representation of my life journey. I’ve always thought that chasing possessions was going to fulfill me. But I realized that to find gold is to find your purpose, peace and happiness. That’s what this album means to me.”
His past releases led to Mouraine supporting many artists that include J. Cole, Pusha T, Big Sean, Mac Miller, Akon and Tyga.
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