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Edmonton-based, Sudan-born artist Mouraine released his new single “Big Dawg” off his new album In Search of Gold due out May 5th. Listen/watch “Big Dawg” HERE, and presave In Search of Gold HERE.

The song brings a catchy hot off the press proverbial sound that makes any music lover want to move & groove while also motivating each of us to become that big dawg. The song is hard as nails, tough as mma and super solid like a block of gold. Even the melodies offer a sound that rings determination, confidence and realness.

Moraine teamed up with Compton-born, Cali-raised rapper Westside Boogie. The two had originally connected through the digital world of social media: Instagram. Moraine and Westside Boogie clicked instantly collaborating on “Big Dawg” which proves both their progressing talent. As mentioned by TwentyThree, “The chants in the background of the single come across almost as a bark to stand your ground – to commit to making things better for yourself, for your family and for your community.”

Watch “Big Dawg” HERE

Check out Frank151’s interview with Mouraine below discussing his new song “Big Dawg” out today.

You & Westside Boogie met virtually via-social media and then text. How did the connection & communication begin?
MOURAINE: Always been a fan of Boogie and he always replied when I reposted his stuff. Eventually I was like “Yo, I got a song for you”. He vibed with it right away and sent me a verse on it the next day. I was super simple and organic.

How did you and Westide Boogie decide to collaborate?
MOURAINE: After I sent him the song through DM, he liked the song and decided to drop a verse on it.

How did you decide Westside Boogie would be the perfect collaborator for this particular song?
MOURAINE: I’m always curious to hear who would be a good fit for features when I make songs. I think the cadence and vibes of “Big Dawg” just fit perfectly with his style, and I guess I was right.

“Big Dawg” is a story about the underdog becoming the “big dawg.” Where did the concept for the song come from?
MOURAINE: Growing up as the underdog and smaller sized guy, I always felt like I had something to prove. So whatever I did, I always aimed to excel at it. I was the captain of my high school basketball team. And I was the shortest guy on the court. To me “big dawg” is more of a mentality.

Who produced the song?
MOURAINE: The song was produced by producer duo “deadmen” out of Winnipeg. They also produced my entire album “In Search of Gold”

How did the lyrics come about?
MOURAINE: We created the entire album on the spot. So the lyrics kinda just flew naturally and in the studio vibes.

Did the melodies & rhythm of the song influence the theme of the song?
MOURAINE: I think it was more of a combination of everything that tied the song together. But absolutely the melody and rhythm and we filled in the words.

What is it about the underdog becoming the “big dawg” that inspired you to tell this story via-song?
MOURAINE: I think it was when I started to realize that the fruits of my labour are paying off. And when I meet people they tell me stories about how far I’ve come along. There comes a moment where I have to embrace it.

For your fans and for those getting introduced/discovering you as an artist. What is the biggest message and point you hope comes across & is fully expressed when people listen to “Big Dawg?”

MOURAINE: I want people to know that they can do whatever they want in life. No goal is unattainable. And even the underdog can be the Big Dawg, but don’t forget that the Big Dawg can also lose that title if the grind stops.


For people who may not know you, what are three words that come to mind that describe you as an artist?

MOURAINE: Real, energy, and vibey


May 4-6 – Wrexham, UK @ FOCUS Wales

May 8 – London, UK @ Notting Hill Arts Club

May 9 – London, UK @ The Strongroom

May 13 – Brighton, UK @ The Great Escape

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