Frank Was There: Project Show Las Vegas 2023 Recap

Let us give you the lowdown on Project Show Las Vegas 2023, where streetwear took center stage but this year it felt like everyone was selling 50 years of hip hop anniversary. 

First things first, the venue was smaller than expected and we were able to cover the show in a day and a half but it’s not quantity we look for it’s quality. 

The Las Vegas Convention Center set the stage for a mix of streetwear mainstream brands and as mentioned 50 years of hip hop. The space was transformed into a streetwear/skate/hip-hop show, with graffiti-covered walls, neon lights, a skate ramp, and panel discussions.

As a whole, it feels like trade shows are still struggling to make a comeback but it does a good job of subsiding the smaller turnout with an interesting mix of brands and concepts.

Jeff Staple holding Chapter 64: Leftcoast

Now, let’s talk about the brands that held it down at Project Show. From the OGs to the up-and-comers. We were happy to see Jeff Staple on-site streetwear Royalty, Extra Large, Primitive, and Cult of Individuality (who sponsored the ramp) to name a few.
Rothco and Alpha industries are always a good look. 

Perri’s Corp a sock co had some dope collabs and we are a sucker for Slayer. 

As far as a new brand at least to us, Salvatore Galliano definitely stood out. They had a vibe of destroyed rock mixed with streetwear with a sort of couture feel. It’s one of those things hard to name but you know it when see it. 

In a nutshell, Project Show Las Vegas 2023 was an interesting vibe for streetwear and “urban retailers”. It brought together some industry heavyweights, showcased emerging talent, and created an environment where creativity still flourished. 


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