Circus Maximus Out of Theaters and Onto YouTube

After exclusively hitting select theaters for two weeks, Travis Scott’s Circus Maximus was uploaded to YouTube yesterday for all fans to enjoy for free.

Throughout the year Travis Scott has managed to create some of the most buzz worthy musical events surrounding the release of his newest album, UTOPIA. From almost hosting a UTOPIA premier concert at the Pyramids of Giza, to creating a whole movie surrounding the album, Scott has certainly had his hands full.

Circus Maximus, directed by Scott and Harmony Korine, originally released on July 27th, just a day before the UTOPIA album. The film is 75 minutes long and featured 4 clips that double as music videos for 4 of his new UTOPIA tracks, including a teaser of “DELRESTO (ECHOES)” featuring Beyoncé.

After selling nearly 500,000 units within one week and spending consecutive weeks at the top of the charts, UTOPIA has continued to be a great success. Scott celebrated the new album with a debut concert in Rome on August 7th. His Circus Maximus tour is set to continue, beginning in the US some time in September, although no official dates for the tour have been announced yet.

The full Circus Maximus video is available now for free on YouTube, along with each of the four individual music video clips for “HYAENA,” “SIRENS,” “MODERN JAM,” and “DELRESTO (ECHOES).”

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