Gucci Mane Breaking Into Country Music?

Yesterday Gucci Mane reached out to his fans via Instagram to help connect him with an up and coming Oliver Anthony Music, announcing that the trap king is looking to diversify his record label with a country artist.

Gucci posted a screenshot of Oliver Anthony’s newest single on Apple Music along with the caption: “Aye fam I need y’all help on this one I’m trying sign these guys as my first country artists to 1017!!! I need the info asap.” The caption led to an onslaught of comments, including one from popular country singer Jake Owen that said “Let’s Jam.”

Fans also commented back to Gucci asking him if the country artist will “get a million dollars and an iced out 1017 chain as well?” Some even joking that instead of a 1017 chain, “An iced out John Deer Tractor chain” would be even more fitting for the country singer.

The newfound popularity of Oliver Anthony Music could make things a little more difficult for Gucci to retain the new artist as a part of the 1017 label. Oliver Anthony Music recently hit the ground running after dropping the single “Rich Men North of Richmond” last week on August 11th. The political and social issue savvy song is already expected to debut at #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 according to the Talk of the Charts Twitter account.

There has been no news from Gucci as to whether or not he was able to get in contact with Oliver Anthony Music, but it seems likely that he will not give up that easily. With country music controlling the top charts this year, Gucci certainly has the motivation to add a country artist to 1017 Records.

While he works on signing a country artist, Gucci is also less than 2 months away from his newest album, Breath of Fresh Air, releasing in mid-October. The double-disc album is set to drop on October 13th with 24 tracks and exciting features. With his new interest in country could we see a country artist feature on the album?

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