Drake in Court for Murder of XXXTENTACION

Drake has officially received a court order in the XXXTENTACION murder trial, forcing him to sit in for a deposition.

This order came from the defense attorney for one of the suspects on trial, Dedrick Williams.

Mauricio Padilla has spoken on Drake being a possible alternative theory to consider for X’s murder, bringing up the beef the two rappers got in before the Florida rapper’s death.

The OVO artist was almost ordered for a deposition last month before the trial began. Padilla claimed that Drake was properly served the subpoena but failed to show up. Because of this, Padilla asked the court for an “order to show cause”, which has now been granted by the judge. The order requests the Toronto native to be present for a deposition on February 24th.

”If deponent Aubrey Drake Graham does not appear to a deposition he must appear before this court on Monday, Feb. 27, 2023, at 10 a.m. EST so the court can determine why he should not be held in contempt,” it reads.

Since the murder, no evidence has been presented that could link Drake to the crime, yet Padilla is still determined to not only list the rapper but many other hip-hop figures as potential witnesses. The list of high profilers includes Quavo, Joe Budden, and 6ix9ine.

The beef between the two rappers dates back all the way to 2017 when X accused Drake of biting his “Look At Me!” flow on “KMT.”


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