DJ Envy Might Be Envious of His Soon Lack of Freedom

Famous radio co-host, DJ and record producer DJ Envy has found himself in the middle of quite the storm, as his long-time business partner, Cesar Pina has been arrested and charged with federal wire fraud through real estate schemes.

45-year old Pina has been accused of swindling millions of dollars from the investors in his home flipping scam in New Jersey. Pina, who also goes by ‘Flipping NJ,’ allegedly promised investors of huge returns, but instead used the invested money for personal use. The prosecutors claim that he has been partaking in these activities since 2017, using the money invested in his “company” and spending it on himself and his family as well as using it to pay off earlier investors. Prosecutors are referring to his real estate scheme as ‘Ponzi-like.’

Pina has been well connected with DJ Envy for quite some time and commonly appears on The Breakfast Club with Envy and his co-host Charlamagne Tha God. While on the radio show, Pina would frequently discuss and promote his investments. A criminal complaint filed claims that Pina has an associate anonymously titled (for now), ‘Individual-1,’ who’s fame has been a large contributor to the success of Pina’s scheme.

‘Individual-1,’ although not specifically named, quite clearly refers to DJ Envy. The complaint filed states: “Pina and his business partner, a well-know disc jockey and radio personality (‘Individual-1’), operated a company that conducted real estate seminars around the country. Together, they used Individual-1’s celebrity to promote various real estate enterprises that Pina controlled.”

Despite Pina’s arrest on Wednesday, DJ Envy hosted The Breakfast Club this Thursday as usual, with no mention of his associate’s current situation. So far, DJ Envy has not been charged of any crimes, but there is some interesting activity going on. DJ Envy’s wife recently removed multiple social media posts that included extravagant gifts and luxury items she had purchased or received from her husband. Although they haven’t yet come knocking on DJ Envy’s door, federal agents have raided the iHeartMedia offices that hold The Breakfast Club and collected multiple electronic devices in hopes of finding relevant evidence.

Special Agent in Charge of IRS – Criminal Investigation Newark Field Office, Tammy Tomlin’s said: “Plain and simple, the defendant ran a fraudulent scheme. They falsely represented the nature of their business and lied about potential investment returns to bilk unsuspecting victims out of millions.” Pina has pleaded not guilty and was released with electronic monitoring and on a secured bond of $1 million. As police continue the investigation, only time will tell if DJ Envy sees a large fallout alongside his long-time associate.

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