Dapper Dan Gets 2nd Round of DAP Hoodies

Image source: The Strategist

Gap and the legendary designer and tailor Dapper Dan joined forces at the beginning of this month to bring us a salmon-pink hoodie with a “Dap” meant to replace the “Gap”. When the $98 hoodie first hit the streets on March 10th, it almost instantly sold out. Leaving many mad, blaming bots, and resellers (typical).

Image source: gap.com

Gap and Dap have decided to shut those haters down with a second release. The “Dap” hoodie will be available to purchase on Tuesday. It’s also dropping in four new colorways. You’ll be able to purchase the hoodie in sky blue, rose pink, golden yellow, and black.

If you slacked the first time, this is your second chance. Who knows if we will get a third.

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