Cat Power & Iggy Pop cover Marianne Faithfull together from new tribute / benefit album, THE FAITHFUL

In The Q Records & BANDBOX, along with the Women of Rock Oral History Project the new benefit album, The Faithful: A Tribute to Marianne Faithfull was released yesterday. The album features 19 cover songs from artists including Shirley Manson, Peaches, Lydia Lunch, Tanya Donelly, Cat Power, Iggy Pop, Bush Tetras, Donita Sparks and more! The full album is available now on streaming platforms and special edition vinyl variants can be ordered via IN THE Q RECORDS and BANDBOX. The double LP features original artwork by Jill Emery (Hole, Mazzy Star).

The Faithful is a massive love letter to Marianne Faithfull. Everyone involved with this tribute album has graciously and enthusiastically donated their talent, time, and energy so that all profits can go directly to assist Marianne as she recovers from Long COVID.

“Marianne has lived a life!! She is a queen to all who know her, and all who adore her! Her framework of contributions to the world of music is unmistakable! Every time I hear her gorgeous vocal sway, I am moved, I am closer to permanence. In a world of dizzying, new fizzling arrows of song and voices, Marianne has always struck the bullseye of my heart and soul. I adore her like no other. A true Dame, beyond words. Royalty forever.” — Chan Marshall

I published a book, that was more of a love letter, about Marianne Faithfull in 2021. The depth of my gratitude and devotion can be found in that 40,000 word document, but that was before I got to know the woman behind the icon–or ‘the muse’, as the boys say. Marianne is funny, smart, intensely creative, an avid reader, and a normal human being who has been through some shit–haven’t we all? To me, the fact that Marianne is a regular-ass person who has struggled, overcome addiction, health problems, has experienced love and loss, and continued to amass a musical catalogue as expansive as hers is a testament to her genius. When she lost her voice after contracting Covid, she recorded a spoken word poetry album with Warren Ellis (She Walks in Beauty).

The thing about being an icon or a muse is that it doesn’t pay the bills–even if you have over 50 records under your belt. Even if you were the It Girl of the swinging sixties. Even if you’re Marianne Faithfull. Marianne built a career as a counter-cultural artist, exploring a multitude of genres and styles. She’s worked with countless collaborators, musicians, and producers. As a result, her catalog, and career, can’t be easily categorized which basically means she never had a chance of reaching the kind of widespread commercial recognition she deserved. My hope with this record is that Marianne sees how loved, respected, and appreciated she is by her successors. I hope that these versions of her songs introduce a new audience to Marianne Faithfull and inspire them to buy her records. I hope that Marianne Faithfull gets the respect she deserves; preferably in this lifetime.” – Tanya Pearson, Founder, Women Of Rock Oral History Project


Track List:Disc One – Side A

Tracy Bonham – “As Tears Go By”Tanya Donelly & the Parkington Sisters – “This Little Bird”Josie Cotton – “Summer Nights”Sylvia Black – “Sister Morphine”Cat Power & Iggy Pop – “Working Class Hero”

Disc One – Side B

Shirley Manson & Peaches – “Why D’Ya Do It”Pom Poms – “Brain Drain”Bush Tetras – “Guilt”Joan As Policewoman – “Broken English”Tammy Faye Starlite & Barry Reynolds – “The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan”

Disc Two – Side C

Honeychild Coleman – “Over Here (No Time For Justice)”Adele Bertei – “Times Square”Nicole Atkins & Jim Sclavunos – “Strange Weather”Lydia Lunch – “Love, Life, and Money”Cynthia Ross (the B Girls) & Tim Bovaconti – “Vagabond Ways”

Disc Two – Side D

Donita Sparks – “Sliding Through Life on Charm”Miss Guy – “Sex With Strangers”FaithNYC – “Kissin’ Time”Feminine Aggression – “Before The Poison”

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