BeyGOOD Foundation Donating $2 Million on Renaissance Tour

Throughout her upcoming Renaissance World Tour, Beyoncé plans to donate a total of $2 million across each of the cities along the tour through her BeyGOOD Foundation.

Beyoncé started BeyGOOD as an initiative in 2013 to take on whatever philanthropic efforts it could. Over the years, contributions have been made to advance education, support initiatives that deal with homelessness and mental health, and to help communities affected by natural disasters. Since the pandemic began in 2020, it has also been giving out grants to small Black- owned businesses.

During her world tour, the BeyGOOD Foundation is hosting a luncheon at each city along the tour where entrepreneurs who attend will be given the chance to win small business grants totaling up to $1 million. The second million set to be given out is to be distributed between 10 different colleges and universities that fall within the tour route. Through the Renaissance Scholarship Fund, the foundation will donate $100,000 to each school to help students.

Beyoncé told reporters that “it has been beyond fulfilling to be of service. . . as a foundation, we will continue the work of engaging partners through innovative programs to impact even more people.” BeyGOOD Foundation’s executive director, Ivy McGregor, says “our work is rooted in the belief that education, pathways for employment and support of entrepreneurship are vehicles that help drive sustainable outcomes.” There is no doubt the impact that they will make in each city along the Renaissance World Tour. The tour takes place this summer, beginning in May and continuing through September, and will allow Beyoncé and her BeyGOOD Foundation to continue the important work they do supporting marginalized communities and giving back.

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