Atmos for Nike Air Max Day: Duck Camo Optimus Prime

It’s no secret that Duck camouflage is one the coolest and most used patterns around. Developed and worn by US Marines in the Pacific in WWII, it was first known as Frog camo, but after veterans came home and began reappropriating their old threads for duck hunting purposes, the pattern became widely known as Duck Camo instead. The pattern is often used in streetwear and when done right is very pleasing to look at. For this Nike Air Max day, atmos is releasing a special atmos x TAKARA TOMY Transformers Masterpiece Convoy (Optimus Prime) MP-10DC figure in the Duck camo pattern. The figure, which matches the Duck camo Air Max 90 SP and the Air Max 2090 also released for the celebration, begins in the form of an orange, green and brown camo semi truck. When transformed into Optimus Prime, the figure is equipped with both an axe and blaster. The winner of today’s raffle will be able to purchase the figure for a price of ¥20,900, or $185.

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