How the Coronavirus is Affecting Student Housing

As the coronavirus continues to spread throughout the country, many places are closing its doors to prevent the virus from further spreading including college and universities. These institutions closing down and students living on campus being forced to leave are putting students in an uncomfortable situation.

Many students who rely on campus housing are being left, more so “homeless” because they have no where else to stay. One student who was being forced to leave a school housing in Long Island says, “If it wasn’t for my family and being able to afford a plane ticket back home, I don’t know where I would sleep. Many of my friends already temporarily house their friends because they also do not have a place to sleep.” According to a study by the Hope Center for College, Community, and Research showed an estimated 14% of four-year college students are homeless, and another 60% considered to be housing insecure. Colleges say they will hold student’s credit until school resumes but it doesn’t seem like class will be in session any time soon.

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