Major Victory: Lauren London $5.6M & 50% Stake

Following the death of Nipsey Hussle in 2019, his brother, Sam was left in charge of managing Nipsey’s estate duties as well as distributing inheritances to Nipsey’s children. Sam has recently completed his responsibilities, awarding Nipsey’s late girlfriend, Lauren London will receive nearly $6 million along with 50% ownership of multiple businesses, including Marathon Clothing Company on behalf of her son.

The two primary beneficiaries to Nipsey’s estate are his son, Kross, and his daughter, Emani. 14-year-old Emani is Nipsey’s daughter from an early relationship with Tanisha Foster, and 7- year-old Kross from Nipsey’s relationship with Lauren London. As the two beneficiaries, the two children are set to split all assets of the estate and all inheritance money evenly down the middle.

Sam recently reported having resolved any and all tax-related issues involving the estate, with bank balances sitting pretty at nearly a collective $6 million and assets worth nearly $11 million. The estate’s assets include 100% ownership stakes in Marathon Studios, The Marathon Touring and The Marathon Clothing Inc, each valued at $606K, $271K, and $913K. Other assets also include a 2012 Chevy Suburban, worth $17K, 100% membership interest in All Money Inc, worth $2.4M, and other various businesses and companies worth over another $1M.

In total, the estate assets are worth just under $11.5 million. Sam proposed that both children receive an equal share of the assets, each earning 50% of the remaining funds. Lauren London will receive the 50% of the money from the estate’s bank accounts as well as the 50% share in all of Nipsey’s business ventures on behalf of her son, Kross. Sam also proposed awarding Kross with an additional $113K in order to cover expenses related to his sister, Emani’s healthcare, education and other necessities.

Nipsey’s family recently won a custody battle with Tanisha Foster over Emani. Currently, Nipsey’s mother, sister and brother, Sam have guardianship over Emani after arguing that Tanisha was not a suitable guardian. After Nipsey’s death, Tanisha agreed to let the Hussle family have guardianship, but she has recently tried to terminate the agreement.

Despite Tanisha’s claims that she only agreed due to financial constraints and that the family is now using their money to control her daughter, the court ruled in favor of Nipsey’s family once again.

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