5 Artists that will take you into the Techno Zone at Insomniac Event’s Countdown NYE 2023

By Ted Abeyta & Eric Budianto Thornton | Edited by Bernadette

In the world of techno music, certain DJs possess an exceptional talent for crafting captivating soundscapes that go beyond ordinary listening experiences. These masters of the decks have a remarkable ability to curate atmospheres so dark and intense that it rattles your very DNA. I’m talking about sets that take you on a seamless, awe-inspiring journey that sling-shot you through the cosmos. 

This year’s Countdown NYE 2023, hosted by Insomniac Events, has packed them all onto one stage for us, The Twilight Zone. Here are 5 artists that are guaranteed to take you into the techno void:

Eli Brown

Eli Brown emerges as a prominent figure in the electronic music domain, tracing his roots back to the lively city of Bristol, United Kingdom. Since launching his musical odyssey in 2016, Brown has been deeply influenced by Bristol’s signature dark and intense electronic vibes, notably the energetic rhythms of breaks and bass. This influential backdrop spurred his passion for avant-garde sounds, driving him to explore music production and establish himself as a leading force in the international electronic music arena.

In 2023, Brown continues to make waves in the music scene, not only as a performer but also as a label head with Arcane. “Be The One,” celebrated as the anthem for Calvin Harris‘ Coachella takeover, exemplifies his ability to craft transcendent sonic experiences. Following this success, his summer-ready single “Love Is Free” further solidifies his reputation for producing infectious and dynamic compositions. Expanding his sonic horizons, Eli ventured into collaborations, delivering the upbeat “Diamonds on My Mind” and teaming up with the dynamic Belgian duo Joyhauser for the hard-hitting techno anthem “Drop It Down.” 

Fresh off his extensive North American tour, Eli Brown has left an indelible mark on various iconic venues across the continent. From Commonwealth in Calgary to Soundcheck in DC, and culminating with performances at Stereo Live in Dallas, Coda in Toronto, and Fairmount in Montreal, Brown’s electrifying sets have resonated with diverse audiences. His ability to command stages underscores his stature as a dynamic force in the techno scene, marking the conclusion of a successful tour leading up to his highly anticipated set at Countdown NYE 2023.

Performance: Sunday, December 31, at the Twilight Zone stage.

Social Handles: Eli Brown on Twitter, Eli Brown on Instagram


Nicole Moudaber

Nicole Moudaber, a prominent figure in the global techno and EDM scene, was born in Nigeria and later made London her home. Recognizable by her untamed dark hair, Moudaber has become synonymous with her passionate and dynamic contributions to the music industry. Her journey began in the early 2000s as an event promoter in London, organizing parties and events before seamlessly transitioning into the realms of DJing and music production.

As a multifaceted artist, Moudaber wears many hats, including being an event promoter, record label founder, and renowned DJ/producer. She founded MOOD Records, a label that has left an indelible mark on the underground electronic music scene, showcasing both established and emerging talents. Moudaber’s radio show, titled “In The MOOD,” stands as a testament to her influential role in the techno and EDM world. Launched as a weekly broadcast, the show garners millions of listeners globally, providing a sonic exploration into Moudaber’s eclectic musical tastes and her deep connection to the techno genre. Beyond her musical pursuits, Nicole Moudaber is known for championing causes close to her heart, such as empowering young women in music through her support of the Lower Eastside Girls Club in NYC.

This year, Nicole Moudaber has been deeply immersed in various creative endeavors, further solidifying her influential presence in the EDM landscape. Notably, she collaborated with techno visionary Chris Liebing on an electrifying joint EP titled ‘I Will Be A Devil Until I Am An Angel.’ Released under Liebing’s CLR imprint, this project underscores Moudaber’s dedication to pushing techno’s boundaries, captivating audiences and reaffirming her pivotal role in shaping the genre’s evolution. Additionally, Moudaber showcased her versatility by joining forces with The London Community Gospel Choir for the track “Rise Up,” blending techno beats with soulful vocals and marking her debut on Danny Howard‘s Nothing Else Matters label. Alongside these collaborations, her tracks like “Boxer Girl” and “Reasons To Love You” have delighted fans, showcasing her multifaceted musical talents. Her performance at Countdown NYE 2023 is much anticipated, promising yet another memorable moment for techno heads worldwide.

Performance: Saturday, December 30th, at the Twilight Zone stage.

Social Handles: Nicole Moudaber on Twitter, Nicole Moudaber on Instagram


Adam Beyer

Hailing from the electronic music hotbed of Sweden, Adam Beyer has carved out a monumental legacy in the techno realm over an impressive three-decade career. Originating in the mid-’90s, Beyer played a pivotal role in spearheading a new wave of European techno, solidifying his status as one of the genre’s enduring originators. From his early releases on Planet Rhythm Records to the iconic Drumcode imprint, which has become an unrivaled powerhouse in the techno scene, Beyer’s influence extends globally, making him a force in the electronic music landscape.

Throughout his extensive career, Adam Beyer has emerged as a true luminary, boasting a series of noteworthy achievements that have cemented his position at the forefront of techno innovation. Beyond his prolific output of high-voltage material, Beyer’s Drumcode label has grown into a world-dominating brand, hosting a syndicated radio show, a weekly streaming platform show, and globally acclaimed events. Notably, Drumcode recently celebrated its 250th release, featuring a historic collaboration with Kevin Saunderson under his E-Dancer moniker, showcasing Beyer’s commitment to maintaining techno’s integrity while pushing the boundaries of the genre.

Adam Beyer has been creating ripples in the electronic music scene with a string of noteworthy releases. His 2023 discography is marked by impactful tracks such as “Legend,” “Simulator” (a collaborative effort with Green Velvet), and “Robotic Arms,” each serving as a testament to Beyer’s versatility and creative depth. Notably, the recently unveiled “Desert Queen” EP provides yet another showcase of Beyer’s prowess in crafting monumental compositions. This release seamlessly integrates formidable bass tones, celestial melodies, and a remarkable vocal effect featuring the iconic Israeli singer Orfa Hazra. As enthusiasts eagerly anticipate his set at Countdown NYE 2023, Adam Beyer maintains his position at the forefront of techno innovation, consistently delivering cutting-edge sounds that reverberate with electronic music aficionados around the globe.

Performance: Saturday, December 30, at the Twilight Stage.

Social Handles: Adam Beyer on Twitter, Adam Beyer on Instagram


Layton Giordani

Layton Giordani, a prominent figure in the contemporary techno scene, hails from the bustling city of New York. Giordani’s journey into electronic music was sparked by a transformative experience in his teenage years when he witnessed the legendary Danny Tenaglia mesmerizing the crowd at Pacha NY. Inspired to carve his path in the industry, Layton honed his skills behind the decks, earning a pivotal residency at Brooklyn’s iconic Output NY, where his talent flourished and drew the attention of A-list guests.

Under the mentorship of techno heavyweight Adam Beyer, Layton Giordani’s career soared to unparalleled heights, with pivotal releases including his debut EP “Unspoken” on Beyer’s Truesoul label, followed by his inaugural Drumcode release titled “Rivington.” The pivotal year 2017 saw the release of his critically acclaimed debut artist album, “Where It Begins,” further establishing Giordani as a formidable force in the techno landscape. Collaborations with Danny Tenaglia on tracks such as “Live Again” and the 2018 anthem “Space Date” with Adam Beyer and Green Velvet propelled Giordani to main stage appearances at esteemed festivals like Drumcode Festival NL, Awakenings, and Resistance Ibiza. Subsequent years witnessed the unveiling of solo hits, collaborative endeavors, and his sophomore album, “New Generation,” in 2020, underscoring his dynamic evolution and enriching Drumcode’s multifaceted catalog.

In the lead-up to his performance at Countdown NYE 2023, Layton Giordani has been consistently delivering compelling studio work. Notable releases include the Hyperworld EP, the high-energy collaboration with HI-LO titled “Rabbit Hole,” the Digital Age EP, and a remix of the seminal Sam Paganini hit “Rave” with Adam Beyer and Bart Skils. His recently released Phantom EP for Drumcode and remixes of iconic tracks indicate that his influence and impact on the techno landscape remain as potent as ever.

Performance: Saturday, December 30, at the Twilight Stage.

Social Handles: Layton Giordani on Twitter, Layton Giordani on Instagram



BEC (Rebecca Godfrey) is a prominent techno DJ and producer hailing from the United Kingdom and based in Germany. Over the years, she has rapidly ascended to the top echelons of the techno music scene, earning widespread acclaim and recognition for her relentless talent and distinctive sound. With a career marked by strategic collaborations and notable releases, BEC has solidified her position as one of the genre’s most influential contemporary artists.

BEC’s journey in the techno realm has been nothing short of remarkable. As a self-professed “studio geek,” BEC’s meticulous attention to detail and innovative approach to production resonate deeply with audiences and peers alike. She caught the attention of industry stalwarts early on, with labels like Pan Pot’s influential Second State, Carl Cox’s Intec Digital, and Adam Beyer’s Drumcode recognizing her immense potential. Not only has she released music on these esteemed platforms, but she has also showcased her prowess as a touring artist, gracing stages at renowned venues and festivals globally. From Burning Man to Tobacco Dock and Warehouse Project, BEC’s electrifying performances have captivated audiences across continents, reinforcing her stature as a formidable force in the techno landscape.

Leading up to Countdown NYE 2023, BEC has been on an impressive trajectory, continually pushing boundaries and setting new benchmarks in the techno sphere. Her track “Humanoid,” released under Drumcode’s ELEVATE showcase, garnered significant attention and acclaim, further cementing her reputation. Additionally, her extensive touring schedule, spanning North & South America, Asia, India, and Europe, underscores her relentless work ethic and dedication to her craft. With each performance and release, she continues to evolve, leaving an indelible mark on the techno scene and captivating audiences with her unparalleled talent and passion for music.

Performance: Saturday, December 30, at the Twilight Stage.

Social Handles: BEC on Twitter, BEC on Instagram


So, if you’re looking to submerge into the deep end of techno for New Year’s, look no further than the Twilight Stage at Countdown NYE 2023!


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