Spike Lee Won’t Attend Remaining Knicks Season After Denied Access to MSG

A constant fixture at Madison Square Garden, Spike Lee has been decked out in blue and orange court-side for 28 years. In addition to being a legend in the world of film, Lee is also known as a die-hard Knicks superfan. He has been a faithful supporter throughout both excellent and terrible seasons, unswayed in his allegiance. However, a strange occurrence on Monday night has compromised his attendance for the rest of the season. Before the game against the Rockets even got underway, a video was already beginning to circulate showing Lee being denied access to MSG. “No one told me!” Lee is heard yelling over and over. “I’m staying right here! Now if you want to arrest me like Charles Oakley, then go ahead!”. Former Knicks player Charles Oakley was escorted out of Madison Square Garden and arrested on three counts of third-degree assault. Lee was later seen in his usual court-side seats once the game was underway. A statement released by the Knicks claimed confusion about what entrance Lee should be using, and he was not kicked out of the game, but rather redirected from the staff to VIP entrances. The Knicks continued to treat the incident as pure misunderstanding but after an appearance on ESPN’s “First Take” today, Lee made very clear that will he not be attending another Knicks game this season, adding that he’s in fact being harassed by the team’s owner as well.

“I’m being harassed by James Dolan, and I don’t know why,” Lee said. “How is it the wrong entrance if I’ve been using the same entrance for 28 years! It’s Garden spin!”

This is definitely no way to treat both a legend of the city and of film, especially a fan who has been faithfully present court-side for 28 long years. A Brooklyn team would never behave like that, seemingly forgetting the loyalty of the team’s most faithful supporters. We’ve got your back, Spike!




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