Young Thug Bars So Fire Judge Admits Them as Evidence

Earlier this week, Atlanta Superior Court Judge Ural Glanville ruled to allow lyrics from Young Thug’s songs to be admitted as evidence against him in his upcoming RICO trial.

Judge Glanville told the court that lyrics can be submitted on a conditional basis, against the defense’s objections that this violates First Amendment rights. Judge Glanville said: “I’m conditionally admitting those pending lyrics, depending upon or subject to a foundation that is properly laid by the state or the proponent that seeks to admit that evidence. I would just ask the state or just remind the state if any other lyrics are sought to be admitted that we, I’d, have to go through this same analysis.”

The prosecution is claiming that Young Thug’s record label, Young Stoner Life, is truly a street gang in disguise. For now, the prosecution intends to use lyrics from 17 different songs as evidence against Young Thug and his co-defendants. Other lyric excerpts will be able to be submitted for consideration until the trial begins.

The RICO trial against Young Thug and his fellow Young Stoner Life members is set to begin on November 27th in Georgia with a jury of citizens.

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