Will Smith Asks Chris Rock “What the Five Fingers Said To The Face?” At 2022 Oscars

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Will Smith Fixed Chris Rock’s Face last night at the Oscars and everyone else didn’t know how to react. The incident occurred after Chris Rock made a joke about Jada Pinkett’s hair. Will Smith seemed to be laughing with him at first, but things took a wild turn. Will Smith processed to get up from his chair, walked up to Chris Rock and smacked the shit out of him, and walked back to his seat with a grin on his face.

Image Source: Getty Images

Chris Rock was shocked and all that could be said was “Oh wow, Will Smith just smacked the shit out of me.” Will Smith yelled back “Keep my wife’s name out your fucking mouth!” from his seat. Will Smith posted on Instagram earlier in the day a video of him and Jada with the caption “Me ‘n @jadapinkettsmith got all dressed up to choose chaos.”

Will Smith won his first Oscar for best actor in a leading role for his portrayal of Richard Williams, father of tennis superstars Venus and Serena. Talk about a good backhand.

According to Diddy, both Chris Rock and Will Smith squashed their beef at his after-party. “That’s not a problem. That’s over. I can confirm that. It’s all love. They’re brothers” The mogul said. Theirs no actual evidence of Will and Chris squashing shit. Let’s just hope Chris Rock puts more respect on the Smith family name, for his face’s sake.

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