What More Could Neymar Ask For?

Neymar has found himself quite the deal upon leaving Paris Saint-Germain. The soccer star has found himself signing a two year contract with Al Hilal worth 160 million Euros guaranteed along with a laundry list of perks.

Al Hilal seems to be putting all their eggs in Neymar’s basket. They already paid PSG a handsome 90 million Euro fee to secure the forward and have promised Neymar much more than just his extravagant salary.

Upon joining the Al Hilal team, Neymar will officially have access to a private plane any time he wants as well as receive a full-furnished and fully staffed mansion for his family and himself. This deal gives Neymar immunity from Saudi Arabia’s strict laws which restrict cohabitation without marriage. Neymar and his newly-pregnant partner, Bruna Biancardi, will be allowed to live together in the new mansion provided by Al Hilal. But the perks do not stop here, Al Hilal is offering a few bonus opportunities.

On top of the general perks of life that Al Hilal is offering Neymar, there are also plenty of opportunities for the star to earn even more. Every Al Hilal team win earns Neymar a bonus of around 80,000 Euros. Even easier than that, and worth more money, every social media post or story that Neymar posts promoting Saudi Arabia will earn him 500,000 Euros.

Al Hilal clearly wants Neymar to be a new face of the club if they’re willing to pay him half a million Euros for any related social media post. With this deal, the talented player could double his salary through social media with less than 1 post/day for a year.

It seems as though Al Hilal trusts that Neymar will give them their money’s worth throughout the season. While At PSG, Neymar won five Ligue 12 titles and 13 domestic honors. Within 173 game appearances, the star scored 118 goals and 77 assists for PSG. Hopefully he continues to show out for Al Hilal after they gave him unbelievable perks on top of an already impressive salary.

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