Magoo Dead at 50

Melvin Barcliff, better known as rapper Magoo, passed away this Sunday at the early age of 50 years old.

Magoo was well-known for his collaborations with Timbaland throughout their careers. Magoo began his rap career after they met as teenagers in 1989. Early on in their careers, the two worked together alongside Larry Live and Pharrell in the group called Surrounded by Idiots, or SBI.

The sad news was shared by Digital Black, R&B star and music producer, who took to Instagram to post the album cover of Magoo and Timbaland’s “Welcome to Our World” from 1997 along with the caption “Man can’t believe this RIH Magoo damn big bro wasnt ready for this at all #superfriends.”

Singer Ginuwine also shared a heartfelt tributary post for Magoo. He shared a photo of Magoo with the words “R.I.P. Melvin ‘MaGoo’ Barcliff” accompanied by a long, touching caption. Ginuwine wrote: “I don’t even know how to say anything at this point , I have lost 3 friends now within a month to LIFE and it’s due date ….this dude , always pushed me …I will mis you maganooo that’s what we called him ….. totally one of the best ever in my eyes always pressing forward I know we didn’t talk alot but the love was and will be always there my

brotha , I will see you soon bro we all have our date and I’m expecting the bro hug when I get there. I’m truly efd up right now foreal life is crazy… I hate going through this and losing people we love sometimes it makes you feel like you dont wanna feel the pain so you wanna be gone also …pain hurts oh man blessings to the family all of my condolences.”

The hip-hop community has been sharing their condolences and memories of Magoo since his passing yesterday. The cause of his death is currently unknown and the family as well as Timbaland have not released any official statements. RIP Magoo.

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