We Did It First & We Did It Better: Supreme Drops MF DOOM Collab

In most cases it’s not about who did it first, it’s about who did it best and if you thought this was one of those scenarios, you’re buggin’. FRANK151 did it first, AND we did it better. We’re referring to Supreme’s latest drop if you haven’t caught on.

Supreme confirmed rumors that started circulating last week about a possible MF DOOM collab and of course we got excited because we fcuk with MF DOOM heavy. It’s supreme, they can’t do no wrong but as we’ve seen recently with the news of Tremaine’s departure and his reasons, YES TF THEY CAN.

Supreme x MF DOOM Fall 2023 drop consists of a total of one hoodie, in three different colorways, black, purple, and olive green. One t-shirt in four colorways, black, white, purple, and green. All with the same artwork on the front and back. The drop also includes one beanie in three colorways, black, grey, and green.

Photo Credit: Supreme
Photo Credit: Supreme
Photo Credit: Supreme
Photo Credit: Supreme
Photo Credit: Supreme

Now of course we know all sorts of hypebeast are drooling right now over this Supreme drop and we respect that cause its MF DOOM. The man was and still is the GOAT and we feel his presence in hip hop, its still felt to this day and forever. We expected a bit more creativity, especially from a brand that should be pushing the creative envelope to stay relevant nowadays.

However, it’s hard to have high expectations from a brand that has sparked conversations everywhere due to its perceived disconnection from the current culture, especially when compared to a couple of years ago when every hypebeast would line up for hours just to get their hands on something as simple as a legitimate brick.

The MF DOOM x Supreme Fall 2023 collaboration will see a global release on September 7, 11 a.m. EDT in the United States and September 9, 11 a.m. JST in Japan and Seoul.

P.S. Supreme, you gotta come harder than that.

Heres a couple pictures of how WE did it:

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