Universe Didn’t Talk To Us Nice Or Meet Our Needs When It Came To Tinashe

Tinashe | “Talk To Me Nice” Photo Credit: Raven B Varona

Last week we had the privilege of interviewing Tinashe and we were beyond excited. We even rounded up questions in our FRANK group chat for days because the entire team was that excited. Interview day comes and our interviewer is anxiously and patiently waiting for Tinashe to get on Zoom.

Tinashe was doing press for her new album “BB/ANG3L,” and her latest singles “Talk To Me Nice” and “Needs,” so her time is valuable and nothing to play with. We kept it straight to the point and fun. The interview went amazing! We were beyond hyped to post it and then our dream turned into a nightmare real quick when we realized ZOOM had a massive glitch and didn’t save our entire bomb-ass interview we just had with Tinashe. This was the first time something like this occurred (and we’re making sure it’s the last).

We got to chop it up about her inspiration behind her latest single, “Needs” and her wanting something more playful and sexy coming from such a deep record like “Talk To Me Nice.” When asked who she’d like to collaborate with Tinashe gave an answer we surprisingly haven’t heard yet. She’d like to collaborate with Andre 3000, we can only imagine how fire that’d be.

Tinashe Photo Credit: Raven B Varona

Tinashe is always looking stylish and sexier than ever in her music videos so we had to ask, would she ever get into the fashion side of the world? and her answer was yes, Of course, she’d like to get into the design world. It was super fun learning that her go-to karaoke song is from Backstreet Boys, and anything Nicki Minaj, probably “Anaconda.”

The way these singles have been dropping plus her upcoming album “BB/ANG3L” dropping on September 8th, we had to ask, what was Tinashe’s favorite thing to do when she’s not making music? She stated playing video games, hanging out with friends and family is her way of staying grounded, and of course, dancing cause you know the girl can move.

Tinashe, we love you and understand time is everything but we’d love to give it another shot (in person *fingers crossed*) and hopefully, the universe and Zoom will be on our side that day.


Listen to “Talk To Me Nice” HERE

Watch “Needs” HERE

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