Top 5 Gifts For The Skater in Your Life

Here at FRANK trying to make Christmas as Merry as we can. We picked out 5 brands from the #friendsofFRANK Skateworld to get a gift for your significant other. Yes, it seems like it’s a bit late but then again it’s 2020. It’s never too late…

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1. Skateboarding Icon Saints by: Scott Christopher
These precious items are a must have for all skateboarding lovers.Scott started flooding the gram with this awesome project giving homage to the legends of the industry. Hand drawn as limited prints and stickers. It’s a perfect gift for the wall of fame for your loved ones. P.S.he has a Gonzone coming outshone so get on it.

Where to find: DM him on Instagram @saegsart

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2. El Senor New York: The first jewelry company dedicated to skateboarding by retired skateboarder Spencer Fujimoto. A perfect give for all. What better feeling is there than to wear what you love around your neck and tell the story of why you have a razor blade on, or why you have a chain called the Stevie Williams? These are great affordable gifts and if you feel like you need to bling it out you can do that too.

Where to find:

IG: @elsenornewyork

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3. Everybody Skates: Inspired by pop culture #friendsofFRANK skateboarding legend Alphonzo Rawls #EVERYBODYSKATES is an emerging brand built on parody aesthetics. These shirts are fire.The mix and match pop culture and skateboarding keeps you smiling all day.

Where to find:

IG: @everybodyskates

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4. Shut Skateboards: Before Zoo York, there was Shut Skateboards, New York City’s first skateboarding company since 1986. If you want to feel NYC on your person then this is a great present to get from hard goods to soft goods. New York tough is Shut. Here’s a little cool tidbit: Pro Rider Kyle Mathew Hamilton was the skateboarder in the Broadway Musical of Spongebob Square Pants.

Where to find:

IG: @shutnyc

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5. Max Fish: The skateboarding hub has closed their doors temporarily but their march is keeping the engine going. From top amateurs (that are 21 and over) and your favorite pros: you would find these amazing skateboarders cooling off and putting on some fresh Max Fish gear after a long day of tiring up the city. Max Fish march is very limited and a must have.

Where to find:

IG: @maxfishbar

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