The Weeknd Hinting Towards Another Season of The Idol?

After the season one finale of The Idol aired this Sunday, The Weeknd took to Twitter to reflect back on the project, but the wording does not seem to hint that the show is entirely over.

In his tweet posted on Monday, the musician and costar of the show wrote: “the finale. Grateful to share this moment with you all as the season comes to an end. Continue to push the vision no matter how bumpy the journey. Jocelyn Forever.”

Viewers and Weeknd fans in general have since been picking the message apart to make guesses about the series continuation. The Weeknd saying “as the season comes to an end” as opposed to “as the series comes to an end,” as well as his message about “continue to push the vision” both insinuate that he is not quite ready to give up on the project yet.

The series has gotten quite a bit of negative response to it since its original airing at the Cannes Film Festival in May. Critics have been calling it overly misogynistic and boring, saying that there is minimal plot line and little to no character development. The show definitely had ears and eyebrows raised at it before its debut due to the issues occurring between directors.

One of the original directors of the show was Amy Seimetz, who abruptly quit the project after conflict with the other directors. Many believe that this was the downfall of the series, removing the only female director and perspective that the show seemed to have and leading to the many aggressive, and borderline triggering, sexualization of the show.

HBO released a statement not long ago telling viewers that a second season of The Idol is yet to be confirmed. With the amount of negative feedback out there about season 1, it is difficult to believe that HBO would be super ready to sign on for another season. However, with the amount of publicity the show has gotten since its inception, it’s possible the series may get a second chance. Fans and viewers will just have to wait and see.

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