Sex Toy Thrown at Lil Nas X During Performance

Over the weekend while headlining at Lollapalooza Stockholm, popular eccentric musician and performer Lil Nas X dodged a sex toy that came flying at him from the audience.

Once the projectile from the crowd landed on stage, Lil Nas paused to check out exactly what had been thrown his way. With the realization that the object was a vaginal sex toy, he addressed the crowd asking them, “Who threw they p*ssy onstage?” The toy did not actually hit Lil Nas & he seemed mainly unbothered, openly joking with the crowd.

This incident is not the first we’ve seen lately where the crowd has thrown objects onstage at concerts, although it is one of the better outcomes. Last year in Latvia, a crowd member threw a phone onstage and hit A$AP Rocky in the face, requiring him to pause the show. Before starting to perform again, A$AP brought the man who threw the phone onstage, hugged him and told him “You gotta be careful baby. I love you too…look no more throwing phones man.”

Over the past few months we have seen audience members continuing this trend and throwing things at performers onstage. Bebe Rexha was hit in the face with a phone that was thrown at the stage, resulting in her needing stitches. Kelsea Ballerini was also recently struck in the face with an object thrown onstage at one of her concerts.

No one is quite sure what the allure is of throwing your phone at a musician you clearly like and support. But it is clear that the throwing of objects onstage during performances needs to stop. Multiple incidents have already resulted in injuries and the pausing of shows, let’s just let the musicians perform without having to dodge projectiles coming at them.

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