Newron EV-1: The Ultimate Cyberpunk Electric Motorcycle

While electric cars and bikes have been around for a while, new releases still cause buzz and elicit wonder. This is because companies are spearheading new designs that make electric cars and bikes comparable, and sometimes even more fun than fuel-powered vehicles if that’s possible. These days, ‘electric’ doesn’t merely indicate a Prius or a bicycle with a battery pack on it. Thanks to Companies like Tesla and Newron breaking the mold with each new design, even old school gearheads are warming up to them. Newron Motors is a French motorcycle company that has created an electric motorcycle that is a far cry from an electric bike yet released, and unlike any motorcycle before. The EV-1 is designed beautifully, and truly is a work of art outside and in. The main body panels are constructed out a variety of hardwood, ranging from oak to white ash, and swoop and contour in a way that makes the bike something to marvel at aesthetically. The really amazing part of the EV-1 lies underneath the wood, however. This motorbike is powered by a 75kW PMAC engine that has a torque output of 240 Newton-meters, clocking 0-60mph in just below three seconds, and a top speed of 137mph. The battery for the engine has a range of 186 miles and takes only 40 minutes to charge. It also comes with an array of different tech features such as smartphone connectivity with the app, onboard GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi connectivity. This futuristic beauty is already available for pre-order, and will be released in 2021. For a hefty price tag of €60,000 EUR each (roughly $67,055 USD), it can be yours.


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