“The Book of HOV” Exhibit Honoring Jay-Z

This month, the Brooklyn Public Library in Central Branch will be holding “The Book of HOV” exhibition in honor of Jay-Z.

The exhibition is produced by Jay-Z’s own Roc Nation and will “explore Jay-Z’s global impact as a musician, innovator, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.” “The Book of HOV” will feature original recording masters, iconic stage outfits from Jay-Z, countless archived photos, as well as numerous recognitions, awards, videos and artifacts from his career.

The website for the event explains the goal of the exhibition. It states that “Our goal, with The Book of HOV tribute exhibition, is to provide a behind-the-scenes look at a Hall of Fame songwriter and performer, successful business person, and a consequential philanthropist who has never forgotten the lessons he learned on the road to success. . . And [in] the borough where his journey began.”

At the event fans are able to apply for a limited edition Jay-Z themed library card that will feature Jay-Z album artworks. The album art cards will be available for purchase at the Central and Marcy Libraries starting today, July 14th, from albums including: The Vol 2… Hard Knock Life, The Blueprint, The Black Album, and Reasonable Doubt. The rest of the album artwork cards will become available next month in select Brooklyn locations.

“The Book of HOV” exhibition opens today, July 14th. It will run from 8am-5pm Monday-Friday and 11am-3pm Saturday-Sunday.

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