Supreme Celebrates 25th Anniversary With Swarovski Box Logo Collection

A staple to the New York skate scene since 1994, Supreme has created something in the past 25 years that can’t be duplicated. Supreme has become a household name thanks to its support of skateboarding, artistry and streetwear (don’t forget the collaborations). They have risen to become more than just a skateboarding brand as they have become more of a lifestyle in recent years.

Director, Larry Clark was chosen to model the 25th anniversary box logo collection which can be seen on tees and hoodies. Whats so special about this release? Well that would be the box logo made out of Swarovski crystals. To be more precise, there are 1,201 crystals on the hoodie and 1,161 crystals on the tee.

The hoodie will be available in gray, black, navy and red while the tee will be available in the classic white, black and red.

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