‘Star Line Gallery’ One of Chance The Rapper’s “Proudest Projects”

In a recent interview with Audacity, Chance The Rapper discussed his newest album, ‘Star Line Gallery,’ and called it “one of [his] proudest projects in terms of writing and artistic vision.”

With no release date announced, he told Audacity that there is still “an immense amount of work to be done with it,” but that “it’s really been something I’ve tried to put as much time and intention into.” Chance The Rapper also said that he has been putting a lot of effort into “focusing on the individual songs” in an effort to make the album the best it can possibly be.

Chance The Rapper discussed in depth his process behind making each song for the album. He told reporters, “I feel like with the love and intentionality that goes into making each physical art piece gives me an opportunity to show people in these museum spaces what I’m working on as I go, the highs and the lows, kind of like a preview to the project.”

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Chance the Rapper’s Acid Rap album, which he intends to celebrate with shows in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. He also plans to attend some live events, host a few pop-ups, drop merchandise, and even drop some special tracks throughout the next few months.

Hopefully within the coming months some of the music releases Chance has planned will include some teasers from the album. With so much going on, we are not quite sure when ‘Star Line Gallery’ will be officially released.

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