Queen of Hip Hop Put Her Crown Back On

Nicki Minaj took to Instagram yesterday to release cover art for her long-awaited upcoming album, Pink Friday 2.

The album artwork stays true to the original Pink Friday with the heavy use of pink, Barbie- esque themes. Minaj is shown standing on a futuristic subway car that is clean, pink, and open-aired, with a backdrop of sparkling city. The Queen herself is dressed in an angelic all- white outfit with a large jeweled heart pendant hanging from her neck as well as a bold styled crown.

Nicki Minaj captioned her post “#PinkFriday2 Album cover #1 of 2” along with a laundry list of thank-you’s to her stylists, creative director, photographer and more. Set to be released this November, Nicki has been teasing fans about her Pink Friday 2 album since June, when she originally announced the release of the sequel.

Since her announcement she has released one single, “Last Time That I Saw You,” which she called her “greatest song yet.” But Minaj told Zane Lowe from Apple Music that she had not always intended to release the song as a single. She told him, “I knew for the album, of course, I would have to discuss certain things or whatever, I just didn’t intend on it being a single.”

Minaj went further to explain her concern that fans don’t always get to hear what she can do as an artist. She said, “A lot of times people forget that I do a lot of features, and so these are not my actual songs . . . sometimes people forget the kind of music that I’m able to create because it’s been a long time since they heard an album.”

Minaj said that when creating “Last Time That I Saw You,” it was important to her to make a song that showcases her growth, “not just as an artist, but as a human being.”

The Queen of Hip-Hop is back in action and her Barbz are ready to hear everything she has to say this November. Pink Friday 2 is set to drop November 17th. You can check out the album cover art on Nicki Minaj’s Instagram here.

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