Quavo on Board During Alleged Yacht Robbery

Over the weekend, rapper Quavo was out on a yacht on the Miami River. During the boat excursion, 2 men on board allegedly began to threaten the crew, resulting in police being called to the yacht. Once police arrives, sources saw rapper Quavo in zip tie handcuffs interacting with law enforcement officers.

The Miami police told reporters that they received a 911 call describing a threatening potential robbery on the yacht, explaining that two of the boat’s passengers got aggressive with the captain after he mentioned the end of the boat’s rental time. As their tempers rose, the alleged robbers began to demand a refund for their trip and threatened to throw the captain off of the yacht.

One of the crew members claimed to have seen one of the men take away the captain’s phone and wallet, but other witnesses have not been able to corroborate this claim. The police also found two guns on the boat during their investigation, however they were supposedly not used in the threats.

With no security camera on board capturing the alleged incident and witness statements conflicting, the police released all of the yacht guests that they had detained in the process of their investigation, and left “without incident.”

There has been no connection found between Quavo and the two men on board being accused of the foul play. Quavo was not arrested in this situation, simply restrained by police as they assessed the situation. Quavo “is not even listed as a witness to any alleged dispute” according to his attorney.

The police investigation into the alleged robbery will be ongoing. Quavo, along with the rest of the boat guests, are released and not being charged.

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