Off-White™ Is Suing Rastaclat for Using Quotation Marks & Red Zip Ties

It has been reported that Off-White™ has filed a lawsuit against Rastaclat for producing and selling bracelets using “its” quotation marks and red zip tie. Court documents note and recognize that Rastaclat is selling bracelets at major retailers such as Zumiez, Finish Line and Amazon for $18 titled “Off-Clat” and “Off-Clat c/o Rastaclat.

Even though Off-White™ does not hold trademarks for the specific designs mentioned, they are citing that it has accumulated “significant common law trademark.” Off-White™ believes that Rastaclat designed the bracelets to specifically “confuse consumers into believing that [they] are Off-White™ products, and as a result, it is asserting claims of trademark infringement, false designation of origin, and unfair competition.”

Stay tuned to see if the case moves further into court as details on the story develop. Check out the pics and see for yourself the case at hand.

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