NYC Exhbit: The Alchemy and the Ecstasy

The Allouche Gallery has unveiled The Alchemy and the Ecstasy, which showcases Hannah Yata‘s most extensive collection of artwork.

The Alchemy and the Ecstasy is an exhibition that brings to life the artist’s intricate use of color and emotion. Each piece is encapsulating a transitional zone between fear and wonder. Her art combines human rituals and growth with the natural world and other living beings.

In her work, Yata explores the similarities between the subconscious and the natural world, and they relate to attitudes towards the female body and the environment. Her paintings present psychedelic landscapes, giving rise to exhilarating and transformative dreamscapes. Through her use of masks and different cultural symbols, Yata demonstrates her interest in diverse cultures and tribes, revealing the connection of all living beings.

Yata’s paintings align with the themes of the natural world and the animal kingdom, as she tries to find where the subconscious and the physical world intersect. Through Yata’s vivid color palette, she is able to create surreal dreamscapes.

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