Nipsey Hussle Legacy Continues

Nipsey Hussle’s kids have been given a chance at entrepreneurship with their own Marathon clothing brick-and-mortar store following the tragic death of their father.

On Wednesday (March 15), Blacc Sam, Nip’s brother and business partner opened up about the business venture with Earn Your Leisure. Sam noted the business move would help set up Nip’s children for their future and allow them to experience the type of ownership Nipsey was so strong about before his passing.

He continued by saying that the acquisition will help reinforce the value of owning real estate with Nip’s kids.

“When I say we own it, it’s in Hussle’s kids’ names,” he said. “This is something their father worked for, and that they own, and that’s important to me. Also, just having a brick and mortar, once again reinforced what Hussle told us, and taught us.”

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