NBA Youngboy Allegedly Ordered Attack, but Baby Mama Won’t Hit Back

One of NBA Youngboy’s baby mommas took to X yesterday to share a shocking story: Arcola claims that the rapper ordered 2 women to assault her when she came to his Utah home to pick up their son, Kaell.

Arcola began by sharing 2 images of her wounds from the attack. One photo is a selfie of the side of her face with blood running down it from a cut near her eyebrow, while the other is a mirror selfie taken in the hospital after her face was stitched up. She says that she came to her baby daddy’s home, where NBA Youngboy has been on house arrest due to violating probation, to pick up their son when the women attacked her with her son in her arms.

Her post on X says: “Watch who you have kids by. My son dad let his whoreS yes whores with an S cause it was 2 of them weak ass hoes. He gave them an order to get me lol you know bitches who never came from shit gone do it. My son was in my hands. His dad just sat back and watched smh.”

She continued on about the situation in a series of posts to X, including sharing screenshots of her conversations with both NBA Youngboy and his wife. The screenshots come alongside claims of NBA Youngboy being an absent father and not helping his son financially. The first screenshot Arcola posted was one of her conversation with her baby daddy. The caption reads: “Mind you I dropped my son off the end of August he wanted me to come get him 2 weeks into him being there. So I told him keep him 2 more weeks. He was pissed lmao I just feel like if you ain’t gone help me financially you gone help physically.” The screenshot is from September 11th when NBA Youngboy texted Arcola simply saying: “Come get him.” She tried telling him she has work and cannot get there before Thursday, to which the rapper seemed annoyed, telling her “I ain’t trying hear that shit,” and finally “Stop texting me bitch.”

The next screenshot in the thread is of a conversation between Arcola and NBA Youngboy’s current wife. The rapper’s wife had texted Arcola saying that Kaell wasn’t feeling great but she is sending medicine with him. When Arcola responded she asked if NBA Youngboy can get Kaell’s plane ticket, to which his wife said “I just asked again he said no.” Arcola’s caption for this screenshot reads: “He’s so unreasonable so happy this is all over with now. I asked his wife if she can ask him to get just Kaell flight and he said no. Keep in mind the flights was 1300 for both of ours round trip and all I asked was for him to pay for Kaells. n***a still couldn’t do that.”

Arcola continued on to claim that her baby daddy is using drugs and has been violating their custody agreement. She said, “Sunday made 2 weeks I asked can I get him he started telling me how I can visit Kaell on weekends LMFAO them drugs got his mind gone.” She detailed the incident saying that “his security so weak I drove right past them and walked right in that house like I pay the bills I was calm and respectful I asked where is Kaell like 30 times! I finally found him and his whores was trying to take my son out of my hands smh I cannot make this up.”

Her last post about it was an image of her and her son in the hospital after her wound was stitched up with the caption: “I would be wrong if I pressed charges on y’all for doing me like this with my baby in my hand. But karma gone eat y’all asses up. I got my son back I’m happy that’s all that matters fr. 5 stitches later. And her punk ass fist ain’t do that shorty had sum.”

So despite being physically assaulted while holding her baby and having large amounts of evidence, it seems no charges will be pressed against NBA Youngboy or either of the female attackers.

You can check out her posts on X here.

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