Ken vs. Cop: When Bars Meet the Beatdown

After performing with Lil Uzi Vert last night in Atlanta, rapper Ken Carson got into a physical altercation with Cobb County Police officers.

A video of the altercation surfaced on social media sites between last night and this morning. At the beginning of the video, it seems that Carson is already in the midst of a heated interaction with the police officer, however Carson looks to be trying to walk away from the situation. As he is moving away, the officer follows him closely and seems to be continuing to speak to Carson.

The video pans down into a crowd for just a second before refocusing back on Carson and the cop. The footage shows the officer with his hands on Carson, debatably around Carson’s neck, as the two struggle up against a wall for a few moments. The video continues to show Carson physically put up a fight, as he and the cop struggle for another few seconds while both gripping onto each other.

As the video ends, Carson and the police officer are separated from one another as other officers and security guards approach the situation. The end of the video seems to show Carson and the officer involved in the altercation being led out of the area. However, the footage is not super clear enough to see if Carson was truly being escorted out of the party or not.

So far there have been no developments of charges being pressed or any further consequence of the altercation.

You can check out the video of the altercation on our Instagram here.

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