Nas x Hennessy Limited Edition Bottle

Earlier this week, Hennessy announced that they have collaborated with Nas to create the limited-edition VS bottle, celebrating the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop.

For many years, we have seen the hip-hop industry endorse Hennessy in a multitude of ways. As a brand ambassador for Hennessy, Nas also partnered with photographer, Renell Medrano, to create a “love letter” to hip-hop film. The film is narrated by Nas and features the new bottle of Hennessy.

In addition to the limited-edition bottle, Hennessy is launching a new AI experience, Hennessy AI.bum Covers. This experience will allow customers and fans to “Rep Yours,” by taking their selfies and having them transformed into personalized album cover artwork. Staying true to the theme, the artwork will center around the iconic eras of hip-hop and serve as a social media campaign where fans can share their personal connection with hip-hop.

Nas made a statement about the collaboration saying, ‘It means a lot to me to celebrate this legendary moment in hip-hop history with Hennessy, a brand that has supported me for over 10 years. Hennessy is part of our culture and continues to inspire generations of hip-hop fans, so I’m really proud to share our new limited-edition bottle with the world.”

Alongside Nas, the senior VP of Hennessy USA, Jasmin Allen shared her excitement with the press. She told reporters, “Hennessy has been an undeniable mainstay in hip-hop, intricately woven into the fabric of the genre and its global influence for decades. We’re proud to honor hip-hop’s 50th anniversary with a pioneer of the art and culture — hip-hop icon, Nas — as we celebrate the debut of our collaborative limited-edition bottle.”

The limited-edition bottle proudly sports Nas’s face & a hand-written note, along with the Hennessy brand name and black, white, and orange patches of color. The bottle even comes in special packaging that writes out “HenNASsy” with graffiti-style art, inspired by Nas’s own NYC.

The limited-edition Nas x Hennessy V.S bottle will be available starting this July at select retailers.

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