Melle Mel Arrested for Domestic Violence

Member of the Hip hop group Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, Melle Mel was arrested on a domestic violence charge after being accused of punching a woman in the face.

Melle Mel, legally Melvin Glover, was arrested this Monday in Los Angeles after he attended the BET Awards. He posted a $50,000 bond to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and has been released from jail.

The allegations of domestic violence are coming from Jori Jordon, who claims that she went to Glover’s hotel room after the awards show, suggesting some intimacy, she said that he struck her while she was looking through music to put on. Jordon posted a video to Instagram of Glover getting handcuffed in the hotel room while she explains what had happened.

In the video Jordon says, “I’m just sitting there, chillin, next thing you know, this man just goes ‘whack’ with four rings on his finger and hits me in my eye. He popped one of my stitches, so there’s a hole in my eye.” Jordon’s eye had been injured by a car door and she had recently gotten surgery on it prior to this altercation. (You can watch the video here.)

Glover has maintained his innocence regarding the physical altercation that allegedly ensued, but admitted that he and Jordon had gotten into an argument. He told reporters that he and Jordon have known each other for more than 20 years, and they even lived together at one point. He stated that Jordon contacts him whenever he is in Los Angeles and confirmed that she came back to his hotel room after the BET Awards afterparty.

Shortly into her being in the hotel room, Glover claims that he asked Jordon to leave and she refused. Upon trying to escort her out of his hotel room, Glover says that Jordon simply held her eye and asked him to come with her to the nearest hospital. When he told her no, he claims he encouraged her to call the police. Upon police arrival, Jordon immediately told the officers that Glover had assaulted her, which led to him being charged with felony domestic violence and ultimately his arrest.

Glover told reporters, “It’s very simple. She said I punched her in the eye. She also said she had eye surgery a month ago. Had I punched her in the eye, especially with rings on, she would have had a cut eye. It would have been way worse. Something did happen to her eye, but I did not punch her. With me tussling with her and trying to get her away from me to get her out of the room, something happened.”

It is unclear how much time Melle Mel could face in prison if the courts find him guilty. His current court date is set for July 17th.

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