Madge Releases “TALL GRASS“ with Portugal. The Man

Madge is the power-punching, self-produced artist banishing bros and blood suckers. Today, they deliver the “TALL GRASS” jam with Portugal. The Man HERE and self-directed the official music video coming soon.

The one-person (pronouns they/them), DIY-pop project is Mormon-raised, Brooklyn-based artist, who is somewhat sad and angry, has written for Pussy Riot, Brooke Candy, Yungblud, Travis Barker, Slayyyter etc and has lots of music and collaborations in the pipeline. Their album BOXJAR will be released on November 17th via AntiFragile Music pre-save link HERE.

Madge’s background is as complex as you’d allow it to be, but the short of it is that they create future forward, avant-garde, dark pop. A longer version would be that they’re versatile in writing tracks in a handful of different genres, featured in two Super Bowl commercials – one with Post Malone, features with electronic giant Kaskade, and one of the most talked about hyperpop musicians, always unpredictable, always ready to give pop a future.

About “TALL GRASS” they elaborate: “I met Portugal. The Man via friends and immediately began to bug them about a collab. We bounced ideas back and forth for months and collaged together the final product as a Frankenstein of all our virtual exchanges. We have the most insane text trail of messages, lyrics, voice notes, and pics. I feel proud that we made it happen.”

Earlier, they released the ballad “SARAGHINA” and explained: “I don’t write many ballads – this one was brewing in my mind for a while. The first incarnation was sweeter and lighter. When it finally came to life with Raziel in the studio it became a bit darker and more melancholy. Saraghina is largely a composite character but the main inspiration is an extended relative who passed away when I was a teen. She had an enigmatic, brief, and tortured life. And while I would love to mythologize her story and our relationship, the lived experience remains so deeply mundane. Sometimes this smallness is what feels tragic.”

Madge – BOXJAR – album tracklist (AntiFragile Records):

  2. CNTTHROAT (w/ carpetgarden)
  3. THEN AGAIN (w/ CMTEN, HXSTAGE, and Kamiyada+)
  5. THUMBTAX (w/ girli)
  8. BOXJAR (w/ Lecx Stacy)
  9. TRIPE
  11. TALL GRASS (ft. Portugal. The Man)
  12. HIT-A-KID
  13. PSYCHOPOMP (w/ Jessica Winter)

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