Lil Durk x J. Cole Coming Soon

With his upcoming project with J. Cole, Lil Durk has high hopes of getting his first No. 1 single record. The two musicians have collaborated to film a music video for their newest single, which is anticipated to appear on Durk’s upcoming album.

Lil Durk took to Instagram to post a teaser for the single; he posted a video of J. Cole rapping along to his verse in a crowd of children. For a first look at the track, fans get a snippet of Cole’s verse as well as a taste of the hook from Durk and hear the beginnings of the chorus which features a choir of children’s voices.

Alongside the teaser video, Lil Durk made the caption “100K comments I’m dropping the album cover and date call my bluff s/o Cole.” Ask and you shall receive, at least in this case.

The video is currently up to 112,000 comments, but after it reached 100K, Lil Durk kept good on his promise and posted the album cover to Instagram with the release date of May 12th.

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