Chris Brown & Usher Altercation?

Known collaborators and old friends, Chris Brown and Usher got into an argument on Saturday afternoon at Brown’s birthday party.

The two were at Skate Rock City roller rink in Las Vegas, NV to celebrate Chris Brown’s birthday when an altercation ensued. Chris Brown was allegedly trying to get the attention of actress Teyana Taylor and became frustrated and aggravated when she ignored the singer. Seeing the building aggravation, Usher intervened in the confrontation and tried to calm down Brown.

After the confrontation inside concluded, Brown and his crew exited the roller rink to leave the party when Usher followed them outside to their charter buses. Shortly after following Brown’s crew to the buses, Usher returned to the roller rink with what seemed to be a bloody nose.

Later that evening, both Chris Brown and Usher performed at the Lovers & Friends music festival. Neither showed any signs of injury during their performances, and neither singer made any kind of references to an altercation during their sets at the festival. Representatives for all three, including Teyana Taylor, have not made any statements about the altercation at this time.

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