Kylie Kaught Being a KopyKat

After Kylie Jenner’s recent announcement of her new clothing line, Khy, world-famous designer Betsy Johnson took to Instagram to tell her followers that Jenner copied concepts and line sheets from her PRODUCTS launch earlier this fall.

Kylie Jenner sent many heads in the fashion world spinning last week after she announced that her new clothing line would be dropping this November 1st. Unfortunately one of the heads sent spinning was that of Betsy Johnson when she realized what was going on. Johnson quickly posted to her Instagram Story to talk to her followers about the situation.

The first story explained: “We emailed Kylie and all her team concept and language and a line sheet 6 MONTHS AGO. INTERESTING CONCEPT KYLIE:… INTERESTING. Thanks for the co-sign. Fuck your support.” The designer, creative director and stylist continued to share her frustration with her fans as she posted a screenshot of a message from a fan that noticed that the new Khy collection’s designs were eerily similar to Johnson’s.

She also went on to share a screenshot of her student debt total, currently sitting at around $60,000, and said: “While I stare @ my student debt. Worked my ass off for this like so many other working class kids who bust their ass for expertise they weren’t born into to realize their ideas.”

Johnson continued on her story with another black screen with text that said: “I know who my supporters are in and outside of fashion. And I appreciate those. You wanna gag over lazy celeb merch duped business models, be my guest. Working ppl don’t lose hope, we’re here for more than a gag collection and a bag. Long game.”

The previews of Jenner’s new line show a majority of black leather pieces, all very similar in fit, style and design to Johnson’s most recent PRODUCTS drop from this September. In a recent interview about her new label, Kylie Jenner told the Wall Street Journal that Khy represents who she is “at [her] core.” She continued to say: “creatively, I have such a strong vision of what I want to look like and what I want to do and what I want to wear. There’s really no one telling me what to do.”

It seems as though Johnson disagrees with Jenner’s claim to originality. Kylie Jenner has not responded to any of these claims so far. It is uncertain whether or not Johnson will take any legal action against Jenner.

You can check out some of Betsy Johnson’s Instagram Stories below, as well as a sneak peek of Jenner’s new line in comparison to Johnson’s design.

New product from Kylie Jenner’s upcoming Khy line.

Betsy Johnson design from her label, PRODUCTS.

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