Frank151 Bust A Move With Danny Cortes

We got word that New York native Danny Cortes, known for his miniature art pieces that capture that gritty New York energy, had his pieces on display at Van Der Plas Gallery located on 158 Orchard Street. You already know that FRANK151 had to pull up.

In the world of art, Danny Cortes has carved out a niche that is both unique and enchanting. His mastery of miniature art, with its meticulous attention to detail and imaginative storytelling, has captivated the hearts of art enthusiasts worldwide. Through his tiny creations, he demonstrates that art knows no boundaries and that beauty can be found in even the tiniest things. Danny Cortes is a true master of the miniature, and his work continues to inspire and awe all those who can behold it.

While his art is small in scale, Danny Cortes explores a wide range of themes. He often focuses on nostalgia, taking viewers back to neighborhood landmarks with miniature versions of CBGB, MTA trains, and your favorite local bodega.

Left to right: Max (@maxevasion), Danny Cortes (@dannycortesnyc), LES Fridge(@freakyfrige_les), Colin (@cuzahjah), Evan (@evandagreat95)

We brought our guys from Bust A Move Max, Evan, and Colin to dive in deep with Danny Cortes and his iconic miniture art. Check it out!

Check Danny Cortes out @dannycortesnyc


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