KRS-One Mural Lands in Manhattan

“Wow!  Wow!” Hip Hop great KRS-One said.

He was reacting to a street mural of himself painted on a building on 2nd St. near 1st Ave. on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

KRS-One, which is an abbreviation of  “Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone”.

Lawrence ” Kris” Parker was born in The Bronx in 1973. He came up in the 80s and today is known around the world. He says, “Out of all his success nothing compares to being immortalized in a mural.”

The location of the mural is meaningful to KRS-One stating, “I grew up here.”

“I was less than every single person here. I was homeless. I might have slept right there.” he continued.

The mural was created in celebration of Hip Hop’s 50th. 2023 is recognized as hip hop’s 50th anniversary and the roots trace back to New York City in the 70s.

“KRS-One is aggressive but he always looked to unite the aggressiveness and force of rap with positive messages,” the Italian street artist, who goes by Jorit said about his mural.

@Jorit is an Italian street artist most notable for his distinct style of portraits displaying the “tiger stripes” on the faces of his creations. Jorit has been all over the world and his most recent stop has been in the greatest city in the world!

You can check out this mural of KRS-One on 1st Ave & 2nd St.

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