Kid Cudi Going INSANO Soon

After announcing the delay of his upcoming album last month, Kid Cudi took to Twitter to give his fans some more insight into ‘INSANO.’ According to Cudi, the album is set to contain over 40 tracks and will drop in 2024.

Cudi specifically said, “There are 40+ songs on INSANO between the main album and deluxe(s). Ur welcome. 2024 the take over begins.” ‘INSANO’ will mark the first new album since his ‘Entergalactic’ in 2022, but apparently it will mark the first few with the high likelihood of multiple deluxe versions.

The majority of Cudi’s tweets were confident and excited, as he shared responses to fans and gave insight into the vibe of the album. He told his followers that the new album has a similar vibe to ‘Indicud’ from 2013, saying: “I got a chance to work w some really dope producers I’ve never worked with before. We got Dot, of course, but pretty much outside of him and a couple other cats, its all new energy, which allowed me to go to new places and revisit some old vibes too. This album has a very INDICUD tone but on a TRILLION.”

Just last month, Cudi took to social media to tell his fans that ‘INSANO’ was delayed so that “everything lines up and I give y’all the best version of myself.” Since then, it’s pretty clear that Cudi has gotten himself together and found his best version. He told his followers: “I am positive this album will have everything u need from me, the fun, the deep thoughts, the inspiration to go out and live ur life and be great, the love, the madness, all of it. And I have a wonderful cast of features that Im sure u all will love.”

While updating everyone on the album, he also took the time to reply to a few fans, including one fan that commented on his previous update saying “40+, jeez.” Cudi replied to explain, saying: “I ended up makin some more shit cuz I was in the fuckin zone and I wanted to make something undeniable and change my entire live experience. This album was made for tour next year. Get ready.”

Cudi fans will have plenty to look forward to this coming January, getting over 40 new tracks from the new album(s), and then a tour to follow. Keep your eyes peeled for more ‘INSANO’ updates.

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